Customer Stories

Atlantic has met our scheduled splash date every year

Beginnings stern with Pam, Ellie the Goldendoodle and Ron

I’ve been a customer of Atlantic Boats, for the past 4 seasons since buying my most recent boat, a 34’ Sea Ray Sundancer. We purchased the boat used, near the end of a season. We enjoyed a few weeks on the water “as is” to close out the fall season. With that experience using the boat, we wanted to find a full service operation that could handle some of the updates we planned to do over that first winter. After talking with several marine operations in Southeastern Massachusetts, we decided to go with Atlantic Boats. I had known John Cornish for some time, and knew some of his clients, but hadn’t used their services directly before this boat. It was a great decision to go with them, and I haven’t looked back.

Beginnings Falmouth Harbor Memorial Day 2017

It was a pleasure working with Catherine to coordinate the various projects that we planned for the boat in that first off season. Atlantic either had their own trained tech’s doing the work, or they partnered with qualified sub-contractors to do the work. We are always in the loop, and when they find something unexpected, they will call, and often email me photos of what they found. It is a very professionally run service team.

CG Eagle, as viewed from Beginnings in Boston Harbor

Examples of work above and beyond normal winterizing that came that first off season:

  • Electronics upgrades, GPS/Chartplotter, Radar, Stereo.
  • Replaced all canvas, including adding a full camper enclosure.
  • Significant overdue engine preventative maintenance.
  • Overhaul of the generator.
  • Replacement and upgrade of the battery capacity on the boat.

Catherine has met our scheduled splash date every year we have been with them, and each winter I always have a few new projects for them to tackle. Her and Meghan do a great job assessing your goals for the off season, and create a custom punch list of everything you want done from haul out in the fall, through the winter, and in spring right up to putting the boat in. When we come to the Stonebridge Marina to pick up the boat sometime in May, I know that they have already taken it for a check ride, run up all the systems, charged the batteries, tested every light and switch on the boat, and it’s ready to drive away. There are so many systems on a 34’ boat like this, that even with all that care, once in a while something will happen. When it does, they jump on it, sending a tech to work at the marina if needed, and usually someone is over there the same day!

Sunset from our boat in Block Island harbor

I know that I am paying a little more for this level of care. It’s worth it to me, and they deliver fantastic service. Price is only an issue in the absence of value. Atlantic delivers value in the way they maintain and prepare my boat. We have a relatively short boating season here in the Northeast, and I don’t want to waste it hauling out for something in July that could have been handled with proper maintenance over the winter. They have given us the confidence to enjoy this boat all around the area. Last summer, we enjoyed virtually every weekend on the boat. We also took 3 extended trips for a week or more each, to Boston Harbor, Martha’s Vineyard, and Block Island.

If you’re taking family and friends on your boat, it’s nice to know that you’ve done everything you can to make it a safe and enjoyable voyage. Atlantic Boats is the team that helps make that possible for me and my family.

Best regards,