Atlantic Boats’ Marine Store

Jason Lindstrom, the manager of our Marine Store, knows that winter is usually a slow time of year. “Nobody likes working on their boat when it’s covered in 7 mil shrink wrap and maybe sitting on a shelf somewhere,” he says.

But that doesn’t mean there’s not much activity at the Marine Store until springtime.

“This is the best time of year for upgrades and additions to your boat and its systems,” Jason said. “We’ve got some great deals right now in electronics, hydraulic steering, underwater lights and more.”

Plan a visit to the Marine Store this month and see the latest gear from manufacturers including Garmin, Hummingbird and Simrad, among many others.

“We just added Siren Marine as a vendor, and its excellent boat monitoring systems,” Jason said. “We have a display model on the floor of our store. We also have a wide selection of Cobra VHF radios and Shakespeare antennas.”

Spending some time on these valuable upgrades now can save lots of time for boating when spring finally arrives. Now that most boats have been winterized and stored for the season, the service staff has more time to work on upgrading your boat for the next year.

In addition to these premium upgrades, the Marine Store carries everything you need for your boat: engine parts, marine accessories, safety gear and even boating toys.

“Come see us during these winter months,” Jason said. “Our staff is knowledgeable and ready to share our expertise on making your boating experience safer, better and more fun.”