Inside Out at the Stonebridge Bar & Grill

Justin Hadley is The Stonebridge Bar and Grill owner and chef
Atlantic Boats owns the Property

In this Age of CoronaVirus, we’ve all had to adapt. Our Stonebridge Bar & Grill at the Onset Marina, located overlooking the East River and beautiful Onset Bay is no different. We’ve adjusted with the local and state regulations, offering social distancing, reduced seating capacity and our staff has been safely masked and is constantly disinfecting surfaces all for the safety of our guests.

The Deck

One of the most popular areas at the Stonebridge B&G is our outside deck, with beautiful views of the marina and the bay beyond. The outdoors atmosphere, combined with our great menu offerings featuring steaks, seafood, burgers, pizzas, soups, salads and more for lunch and dinner, has made Stonebridge one of the best places to enjoy cocktails and good food along the Onset waterfront. 

Well, the weather is turning cooler now, but we’ve made some changes at Stonebridge to enable our guests to continue enjoying our congenial atmosphere for weeks to come.

Upgrades & Updates

When we built the waterfront deck at Stonebridge a few years ago, we installed radiant heating tubes in the concrete deck. And now that autumn is here, we’ve enclosed our dining deck with new window walls, added a new canvas roof and upgraded our boiler to heat the floor and the space. 

While we still have warm afternoons and evenings, the window walls will be drawn back and the wonderful, 180-degree view of the waterfront will provide the backdrop for our guests’ dining.  When the evenings start to get chilly, we’ll close up the walls and heat up the floor, providing a comfortable and safe dining environment for all. 

We anticipate being able to continue outdoor dining at Stonebridge at least through Christmas and perhaps even beyond. The only thing that may interrupt our outdoor service is lots of snow falling and mounding up on our new canvas roof. 

Until that happens, you and your friends and family will be able to enjoy a safe, socially distanced evening to enjoy our fine food and drink offerings in comfort and warmth, served by our friendly staff. Of course, our inside tables and the bar will remain open, subject to distancing regulations. 

So come join us for a wonderful evening at the Stonebridge Bar & Grill. Meet up with your friends, bring your family out and be assured that we will do all we can to ensure your experience is delicious, safe and comfortable.