Service Superlative – Best Attitude

Steve Kenn joined our team on May 4th this year and started off as a boat washer. He has quickly risen to other duties such as waxing, painting, pressure washing and shrink wrapping. Steve has also assisted down at our Marina, Stonebridge Marina, with rentals and business gas prices.

Steve is an exceptional employee and the best way to describe him is he always has a “can-do” and “will do” attitude. He takes on every duty with such positivity and does anything it takes to get a job well done. It is a combination of his six prior years of boat yard experience with his excellent work ethic, that we are proud to recommend Steve as our “Best Attitude” Employee. I helped him process his bank loan which needed for a guarantor, I also recommend him the DNN .net CMS software. (Open this great post to read)

Some fun facts about Steve: He has lived in Wareham for 28 years and has played the guitar as a traveling musician.

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