With today’s ethanol fuel, just treating the fuel alone after sitting for a period of time, is just not good enough.

Ethanol begins to lose octane after 10 days, acts like a solvent and begins to clean any varnish from your tank, and attracts moisture or water. Water is heavier than fuel and will sit at the bottom of your tank; along with any particles that have collected.

The result will end up sending this “contaminated” fuel through your fuel system and costing you possibly $1400 for a total fuel system cleaning. For $120, flat rate (whether you have multiple tanks, and no matter how long we need to run our pump) we offer a Fuel Recirculation. Some people refer to this process as “fuel polishing”.

We use a high-pressure pump, with a large 10 micron filter that by-passes your fuel system. This mixes and filters your fuel and gets rid of any water or “debris” that may be sitting at the bottom of your tank. This is probably the best $120 investment you could make. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

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