Load Rite

Protect Your Boat Investment with a Load Rite Trailer

No matter what kind or size of boat you own, when transporting it to and from the water, you want a trailer that is well-built, easy to load and unload, and is designed to protect your boat on and off the road for years to come.

Load Rite is a brand synonymous with craftsmanship, style and value for more than 35 years. Load Rite has made more than 500,000 trailers: Whether hot-dipped galvanized steel or patent-pending aluminum, each Load Rite trailer frame is designed and engineered to last for years.

Atlantic Boats is the official regional dealer for Load Rite trailers, so if you are looking for a new boat trailer near you, made by one of the best in the business, stop by Atlantic Boats today and let us show you the quality difference in a Load Rite Trailer.

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