9 Great Boating Podcasts to Listen To

Podcasts are everywhere!  A cross between radio shows and YouTube channels, podcasts can be accessed live or streamed at your convenience while you drive, walk, work out or work on your own boat!

There are plenty of boating-oriented podcasts out there, and you can find one for whatever type of boating you prefer, from power to sail, fishing to cruising, and everything in between.

We’ve researched some of the more popular podcasts out there right now, and here, in no particular order, are some of the most interesting and informative podcasts.

Stomping Grounds.  Presented by Boat Trader, the podcast expands on the popular YouTube video series that interviews interesting people in the boating world and fun places to visit. The companion podcast also brings in experts on travel, science, nature and culture, all related to boating.  Catch the video series here, and listen to the podcast series here.

Under the Sheets with the O’Kelleys.  Megan and Nick live on a 46-foot catamaran cruising the world, and offer advice and answer questions on their weekly podcast. Required listening for those who want to chuck it all and sail away! Listen here. The O’Kelleys also have a YouTube channel, here.

Anchors Aweigh is a podcast for boaters of every experience level. Interviews with industry experts, lots of tips and tricks, gear reviews and more. The podcaster is owner of a marina on Lake George. Access the episodes here.

Boat Briefing.  Ever wonder what it’s like to own a superyacht? One of those gleaming, cruise-ship sized babies? This podcast comes from the editors of the UK’s Boat International and has all the latest from the world of superyachting, with interviews, trends, and new designs and technology. See how the other half lives! Episodes found here.

Boating Tips Live.  OK, back on Planet Normal, MarineMax hosts Capt. Keith and Capt. Nick chat weekly about all things boating with tips, safety advice, maintenance, fishing tips and more. Fun to listen to. Episodes here.

World of Boating.  This radio show broadcasts live every Saturday from 2-3 pm Eastern – check the link below to find a local station that carries the show. Or, access all the episodes which are archived and streamed as podcasts. WOB offers a humorous look at the latest boating information and news.  Episodes found here.

The Boat Galley.  Hosts Nica Waters and Carolyn Shearlock provide lots of tips for successful cruising. Each episode is a short 5-10 minutes long and full of practical advice. Listen here.

From the Helm.  Lisa Harrison podcasts every Thursday at 11 am Eastern with interviews with boat industry experts, industry news and eclectic conversations. Listen here.

Power and Motoryacht Audible.  The editors of Power and Motoryacht and Outboard magazines provide some great seafaring storytelling mixed in with boat reviews, how-to advice and more. Warning: this one is addictive!  Listen here.

To see more boating podcasts, check out this long list of sites.